Top 8 Crazy Things You Have to Do on South Africa River Cruises

best things to do on South Africa River cruises

What do you love to do during river cruise vacations? Get your heart pounding when touching the local wildlife or explore the culinary delights of the local cultures. Whatever your pleasures, you will find them on South Africa River Cruises. Browse these eight crazy things to do in South Africa as they are really worth your try.

Go on a Game Drive

Have you dreamed of seeing the wildlife in their natural habitats? Make your dream come true by boarding an off-road safari vehicle and travel on a game drive in Greater Kruger National Park. Located in the area of 20.000.000 ha, it provides a safe refuge for hundreds of kinds of animals such as black rhinos, Cape buffalo, giraffes, zebras, and lions.

game drive during south africa river cruises

Cage Dive with White Sharks

Thanks to its warm water, calm sea conditions, diverse marine life, and mild climate, Mossel Bay is considered the best place in the world to dive with the great white sharks. Board a boat on the bay and wait for the appearance of the sharks. Then enter the safety cage for a close view at the undersea’s top predators. You can even see 17 white sharks at once in the summertime.

dive with sharks during south africa river cruise vacations

Explore Robben Island

Robben Island, the most notorious historical sites in South Africa, lies only 5 miles away from Cape Town. For about 4 centuries, this island had been used as the place of isolation, banishment, and imprisonment. Moreover, it used to be the top security prison for South Africa’s political prisoners during the apartheid movement in the second half of the 20th century, especially Nelson Mandela. Nowadays, Robben Island is regarded as a reminder of this dark time in the history of South Africa and the symbol of the power of the human spirit again racism. It has been also recognized as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

visit robben island river cruise tours in south african

Visit Victoria Falls

This magnificent fall is located on the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia. The powerful water, deep canyon, unlimited skies provide amazing adrenaline activities that have ever been thought up. Join in Batoka Gorge Swing which you will stand on a platform of over 100m high above the Zambezi river, attach yourself to a harness then simply step off, run, jump, or dive. After leaving the safety of the platform, drop straight down in free fall before the rope tightens and swings in a 95-degree arc. Or try the 111m Bungee Jump from the Victoria Falls bridge which is one of the most incredible pumping things to do in Victoria Falls.

victoria falls in south africa

Sample Excellent Wine

Welcome wine connoisseurs to heaven! You have a chance to experience the award-winning wines of the world-famous Cape Winelands region near Cape Town. In addition, you will learn the winemaking history and find out the tradition and techniques used by local vineyards to create unique offerings. You will also get a chance to explore the work at a working cellar and relax on vine-covered patios.

sample wine at cape winelands

Camp at Nature Reserve

Spend time strolling through Umlalazi Nature Reserve at Richard’s Bay. This coastal park boasts an abundance of lush forests and rich biodiversity and natural beauty. Feast your eyes with a fascinating view of the reed beds and mangroves from the bridge on Siyaya River. Do not miss the chance to watch the diverse bird species and the rare palm-nut vulture amid the cathedral-like tree grove at Raffia Palm Monument.

camping at Umlalazi Nature Reserve

Join a Helicopter Tour

The best ways to behold the entire Cape Peninsula is completely from above. Sit in comfort and style inside a helicopter for stunning sightseeing of the Twelve Apostles, Lions Head, Table Mountain, and Cape Town Stadium and various other attractions. At the height of thousands of meters above the ground, you will see a totally different view of South Africa.

helicopter tour at south africa

Send a Letter at the Post Tree

Local legend tells that an ancient milkwood tree at the Bartholomeu Dias Museum Complex near Mossel Bay was the first mailbox in South Africa in the 15th century. Sailors often left messages to others dangling in old boots and pots from the tree. At present, people come to this landmark to see their letters around the world through a big mailbox with the shape like a boot at the base of the tree. After that, discover the rest of this complex comprising of a replica of the ship Bartolomeu Dias which was used to sail along the coast of Africa.

post tree in south africa

From swimming with white sharks to visiting natural and historic sites, South Africa has everything to suit everyone and every budget. If you are looking for incredible ideas about how to spend your time on your South African river cruise, check out these eight crazy things you can in this wonderful land.