Best Time to Go on a Mekong River Cruise – Good Seasons to Travel

best time to go on a mekong river cruise

The best time for Mekong River Cruises is the dry season lasting from November to April thanks to ideal weather and beautiful sceneries. Read on to learn more about the Mekong River and get ready for your River Cruise vacation packages on the 12th longest river in the world.

How is the Weather like in Mekong Region?

Generally, the temperature in the Mekong region in Southeast Asia is warm all the year which fluctuates from 23oC to 32oC (from 74oF to 89oF). Due to the tropical climate and the annual monsoon cycle, this area has two main seasons called wet season and dry season.

What Makes Dry Season be the Best Time for Mekong River Cruises?

According to local people, the dry season usually starts in November and ends in April. These months are considered the wonderful period to go on Mekong River Cruises as you can enjoy a vacation with the clear sky, calm water, and interesting excursions instead of sadly seeing the heavily rainy days on the bed of your stateroom. You have a great chance to gain memorable experiences with friendly local people and explore the new lands of astounding attractions without any worries about the weather.

temple at oudong cambodia mekong river cruises

Moreover, the dry season is also the time the local living in Mekong region celebrating their New Year Festivals. The Vietnamese celebrate the Lunar New Year in the late January while Thai, Lao, and Cambodian people welcome the new year by fascinating water festivals in April.

For photographing lovers, stretch your legs, sip your fine drink, and enjoy the Mekong River cruise on the sundeck while taking the astonishing photos of this stunning river and rustic villages on the river banks.

Is Wet Season the Good Time to Go on Mekong River Cruises?

If you want to change the air, traveling Mekong River in the wet season from May to October will completely leave you unforgettable experiences. Although it rains almost every day during these months, the rains often fall in the afternoon and last for one hour. Thanks to the rain, the temperature in this season is lower than the dry one, which makes excursions from the ship be more comfortable. The cruise ship will take you deeper into the flooded forests where a lot of floras and faunas can be seen. You will also see a very different life of local people when the water level rises at floating markets and stilt houses.

mekong river cruise in rainy season

Top 5 Things You Must Remember When Going on Mekong River Cruises

Carry Bug Spray

One essential thing to bring when visiting regions of the tropical climate is bug spray. Your natural discovery will be prevented from unexpected insects and bugs by this small tool. You can buy it at any drug stores there.

Watch out for the Monkeys

During your excursions, you can see a lot of cute and friendly animals, monkeys for instance. Nevertheless, it is recommended that you should keep distance to them as they can suddenly bite you and even cause rabies like dogs.

monkeys in cambodia on mekong river cruise vacations

Cross the Streets in Vietnam

Vietnamese streets serve a large number of motorbikes moving all day long. As a matter of fact, crossing the roads in Vietnam is never an easy thing to do. Keep calm, pay attention to vehicles on the road then step by step walk over it. Another way is to wait for a group of local people and you can cross the road together with them.

Be a Smart Eater

Do not hesitate to try local cuisine with different kinds of mouthwatering foods. Most of them are served by street vendors. Therefore, they may not guarantee food safety which can cause stomach issues for you. Ask the tour guide to take you to safe and clean food stalls. Wish you feel delicious!

street food in mekong region mekong river cruise tours

Prepare for Steaming Days

The tropical climate will make your day exhausted with its high temperature. Careful ways to minimize the effect of heat is extremely necessary. Remember to cover your skin with a big hat, loose layers or sweater and carry some bottles of water with you.