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Mekong River Cruises & Holiday Packages

The lifeblood of Southeast Asia, Mekong River, is the 12th longest river in the world flowing from its source in Tibetan Plateau, journeying south through five more countries including Myanmar (Burma), Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam before discharging into the sea. Life has been created along this river. People have been thriving thanks to its water from generation to generation. They built magnificent constructions, formed unique cultures and traditions but still keep the natural beauties and stunning landscapes along the river. The rich mix of people and nature makes Mekong River cruise holidays authentic and distinctive for travelers all around the world. Come with My River Cruise and be ready for the fantastic experience!

Pandaw Champa Mekong River Cruise

Pandaw Champa River Cruise

Jayavarman Mekong River Cruise

Jayavarman River Cruise

Jahan Mekong River Cruise

Jahan River Cruise


Mekong Eyes Explorer River Cruise

The Authentic Mekong Delta – 9 Days

Le Cochinchine River Cruise

Mekong Sun Cruise

Mekong Sun River Cruise


RV Indochine I Cruise

RV Indochine II Cruise

RV Lan Diep Cruise

Prestige II
Toum Tiou II
Mekong Prestige II
Eyes Classic
Toum Tiou II
Mekong Sun
Le Cochinchine
Eyes Explorer
Champa Pandaw
Champa Pandaw